The Human Soul

I came across this article on Yahoo! today about the origin of the idea of a soul. It claims that the idea of a soul possibly came about as far back as 200,000 years ago, when humans first started talking.

What’s really interesting to me is that, despite all the scientific and technological breakthroughs made in the time since, so many people still believe in the concept of a soul. The idea came from so long ago, in a age where superstition and ignorance were standard, yet people seem to think that out of all the various religious and socialĀ beliefs that we now know to be 100% wrong, they managed to actually get one completely right.

I think it’s more likely that the humans of the past were just completely wrong about everything. Once they started actually objectively observing nature and experimenting, then they could say for sure what is and what isn’t. And once they starting doing that, they became us.


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