Wow, I Actually Did It

I finished something. I worked on novels and stories and various other things for years, but I’ve never actually followed through. I think, at this moment, I have approximately ten novels1 I’m working on, some more fleshed out than others, and a couple dozen short stories I have ideas for.

But now something I started I’ve actually completed. It’s done. I don’t want to change anything more. It’s that game I was working on, the one that was inspired from Cashflow 101. I call it It’s Just Business! and I’m actually quite proud of it. Of all the people other that me who have played it2, 100% of them have said that it’s really good and really addictive. The way it works  is that you start with a job, work to become financially independent, and then expand your business empire into the billions of dollars. The details are, of course, trade secrets.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if I want to try to sell it because of any possible copyright infringement of Kioyaski’s Cashflow games. There’s no law against making a copy of something and using it for your own personal use (actually there is, but let’s see them try to enforce it, eh?), but selling it is a big no-no. To be honest, though, I may have actually changed things enough that it doesn’t actually infringe on Cashflow‘s copyrights. Maybe I’ll set up a shop on Ebay or something and see what happens.

1Let’s see. Main Universe: Midira, Arthur Mohammed, Alien Life, Admission. Stand Alone: 21st Century, Wolf 359, Wormhole Novel, Haas Riley, Moon’s Moon, Dyson Sphere, Cretaceia. Total: 11.

2Which includes: my friend Dez. And that’s it. Yep.


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