Hey, Things Are Looking Up…

According to this article, Americans are moving away from Christianity, and it is mostly because of an overall rejection of religion, rather than people converting to other religions.

Without sounding too obnoxious, YIPPEE!!!

I’m not a big fan of religion. Not that I think religion is always bad, but–at best–it’s just unnecessary. I mean, yeah, having to pray five times a day in the direction of some city may not hurt anyone, but why? Are there any solid verifiable reasons to think that Joseph Smith really did find golden plates in Manchester, New York? That being a good warrior means that you can expect to wind up in Folkvangr or Valhalla? Or that any of the literally hundreds of thousands of gods that people have believed in over the course of human history actually exists?

If there aren’t, then why are they given any rational consideration at all? Oh yeah…faith. While I may not be explicitly anti-religion (it depends on which religion we are discussing), I am staunchly and rabidly anti-faith. Faith is, to put it mildly, evil. Believing in something without evidence or support is, I think, a form of insanity. It means that something in your brain has gone spectacularly horribly wrong, yet people think that it is a virtue.

The ability to reason, to be able to sit down and objectively figure things out, is what makes us human. The ironic thing is that most people (in religious fundamentalists) are rational people in most ordinary circumstances. It’s just that they seem to have set up a divider in their heads, where the most imporant and profound questions are shielded from honest inquiry. The very fact that subjects like the meaning of life and the existence of god(s) are profound demands careful investigation, skepticism, and rigor when confronted with possible answers.

Oh well, perhaps this poll shows that people in the future will be less religious and more rational. If the rest of the world is any indication, non-religion is correlated with better, safer societies. It would only be a boon to the human race.


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