We Have A Great Future Ahead…But Only If We Don’t Blow Each Other Up!

Man, what is up with North Korea these days? It’s like their intentionally trying to provoke us into a nuclear war. In 1953, U.S. signed an armistice with North Korea to end fighting in the Korean War. No official peace treaty was ever signed–meaning the Korean War is technically still going on–but it has prevented hostiles from erupting since. Now, only two weeks ago, North Korea decides to just withdraw from the armistice. They are restarting their nuclear weapons program, designing long-range missiles,  and now I hear they’re just maybe going to launch a missile in the, er, general direction of Hawaii on the 4th.

I mean, just what the hell are they thinking? We were able to topple the industrial and political might of the Soviet Union, do they honestly think they’ll be any real challenge? I mean they have maybe one nuclear weapon. We have like ten thousand. If we really wanted to, we could make a nice little North-Korea-shaped nuclear burn mark on the Earth.

Not that that would be a desirable scenario, but it’s something to keep in mind. I don’t know exactly how this will play out, but the strategy that collapsed the Soviet Union seemed to work and North Korea has essentially the same political ideology.

The country we really need to be worrying about is Iran, but that’s a story for another time.


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