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Ok so I just realized I haven’t posted anything in like a month and a half and was planning on coming up with some excuse or apology or something, but the truth is writing stuff is just a chore for me. Other people on their blogs and websites might promise more updates but they inevitably fail to do so and end up looking like jerks.

I know that if I promise to be more on top of posting I’ll probably break that promise too. So, I’m promising nothing. I don’t have any more plans for blog posts, and I don’t have any desire to keep posting. I may do so in the future, but there will be no regular updates or news.

Basically, I learned from designing and making my financial game that if I truly love doing something, I’ll do it without having to consider it a chore. I’ll do it for hours on end without looking up, just like I did while making my game. But maintaining this blog, and writing my stories, just seem like too much work.

So, this isn’t good-bye, just a ‘see you later’. And this blog will remain up for as long as WordPress exists.