So Let’s See How The Last Year Panned Out

Last year on the Other Blog I wrote a typical bashing of a horoscope that was about my birthday. Now, since it is my birthday again, I can look back and see how accurate it was (hint: not at all). I mean, in science you can go back and confirm theories as much as you like. So why not in astrology? (hint: because it’s bull$#@%)

I actually haven’t read it, so I’ll be interest to see what was predicted for me and everyone else whose birthday was November 10th. Anyway, let’s go through it:

     This year brings the perfect mix of whirling excitement and cozy comfort, as your personal life expands and settles in at different times of the year.

Yes, but everyone’s life does that every year. Unless you’re a hermit or something.

     You’ll make three important new friends before the new year begins.

Nope. In fact, I barely talk to any of the people listed in the old post anymore due to transfers and different scheduling.

     Your living situation becomes more accommodating in March.

Sort of, maybe. Again, my plans really didn’t pan out as I had expected. I’m really only getting caught up in the past couple months or so.

     Travels thrill you in August.

In August I went nowhere. Nowhere with girls, anyway.

     Gemini and Libra adore you.

Again, I still know no one that were born in the relevant months. I did get back together with my ex-girlfriend, but she’s an Aquarius. Actually, maybe I’m mistaken in thinking these’s are meant to be star signs. Gemini means twins and Libra means a balance. Hmmm…in Battlestar Galactica, the planet representing Gemini is called Gemenon, which is known to be highly religious. Hmmm…maybe I am bringing balance to religious nutbags by being non-religious, and vocally so, especially now.

Hey, also, I have, in the past, gone on dates with two girls who are twins  (not at the same time, of course). And balance could be the…um…sort of…um…oh! Richmond, Virgina! Wait, what?

My head asplode.

     Your lucky numbers are 25, 3, 13, 28 and 48.

Yeah still nothing. No 3-ways or 48-ways for me this year. Although I did vomit about 28 and bashed my head against the wall 13 times while watching Expelled, just to see how it was (hint: completely wrong and blatantly offensive to me).

So, yeah, that horoscope sucked. Maybe next year the horoscope next year will be more accurate (hint: no). Anyway, stay tuned to this…um…website as I unveil Horoscope II: The Wrath of Khrap.


1 Response to “So Let’s See How The Last Year Panned Out”

  1. 1 Mrs. F. November 10, 2009 at 8:55 am

    Happy Birthday. As I’ve said before I totally agree with you when it comes to astrology. When people ask my sign I always say “Slow, children playing!”

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