Climate Change

Here’s an interesting video I found about global climate change. It doesn’t so much argue whether climate change is real as the possibly futures we can have depending on what we actually do. It’s pretty compelling stuff:

Of course, there is one small hole: if we do decide to act, we have to make sure what we actually do will help. Just because a scientist or an environmental group says something is good for the environment doesn’t necessarily mean it is.

For example, there’s a huge taboo today against nuclear power plants because of the radioactive waste they produce. In fact, there’s such a strong opposition to them, we end up building more coal-fired power plants which release tons and tons of carbon into the atmosphere, just so we don’t have to worry about the few pounds of radioactive waste  (and, in fact, fossil fuel power plants produce over a hundred times more radiation than nuclear plants anyway).

This behavior is completely bizarre. We should be shutting down fossil fuel plants and building nuclear plants as fast as possibly, but we don’t simply because nuclear power has this connotation of being “unenvironmental”.


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