So Much For Meg Whitman

It’s 2010 which means come this November Arnold Schwarzenegger will no longer be Governor (being capped to two terms). I heard on the radio a candidate by the name of Meg Whitman, who seemed to be in touch when it came to government spending and general economic issues. I believe  in cutting spending and decreasing the size of government and Ms. Whitman seems the clear choice in that category.

But then I looked up her stance on various social issues and found that she supported Prop 8 and Prop 4, two measures I very strongly opposed. Oh well.

It’s an interesting problem. I want Ms. Whitman as Governor so she can (hopefully) finally fix our state, but do I really have give up my and other people’s freedoms to do so? No, I won’t do that. Even though it pains my cold, black, libertarian heart, social issues should be considered more important than economic ones.

I guess its back to the ol’ candidacy board. Maybe I’ll even have to vote (horror) Democrat.


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