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2013 Predictions

Every year, around New Year’s, numerous alleged psychics will come up with predictions for the next year. They are almost universally either fantastical things that never happen, completely ridiculous pseudoscientific things (to the point where the prediction itself has no meaning), or relatively high-probably things that later seem specific.

So I decided why not come out with a fun list of predictions myself? I’m just as “psychic” as these other people claim to be (i.e. not at all) so if they can do it, I can do it too. Now, I’m not making these anywhere as strong as other predictions I’ve made. These are just for fun and to show how anyone can claim to be psychic with only very flimsy evidence behind it. Anyway, here they are:

1) North Korean aggression will spark a Second Korean War. The war will quickly turn nuclear and end badly for North Korea.

2) A star will go supernova and will be brighter than Sirius in the night sky.

3) There will be a massive earthquake in Europe.

4) The iPhone 6 (or 5S, whatever they call it) will be released and be a flop.

5) Astronomers will measure the existence of molecular oxygen in the atmosphere of an Earth-sized extrasolar planet, thus showing that it contains life.

6) There will be a near-miss from an asteroid that will swing by Earth and come less than 10,000 km to the surface. It will not be discovered until after it has passed.

Celebrity Deaths:

1) Sylvia Brown (please, please, please)

2) Joey Ratz, aka, Pope Benedict XVI

3) One of the Kardashians

Ok, so there it all is. Furthermore I will do something that no alleged psychic has ever done: after January 1, 2014 I will systematically go through and determine which of my predictions, if any, I got right.


Ah, The Joys of Not Having Keys

Yep, I’ve finally done it and stepped down at work. I am now just a Clerk. No more working overnight, no more having to tell people what to do. I was a huge mistake to take keys and be a manager. I am not enough of a psychopath to be one. Maybe one day, when I get a new job and actually care about the company (one which won’t drive me into the ground every chance it gets) I’ll be a manager again. But for now, I just want to focus on school and not go insane living against my circadian rhythm.