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New Blog and Game

I’ve recently started programming a new game, Manifest Space, and have decided to launch an indegogo campaign to help fund it. It’s not up yet, but in the mean time, I’ve started a new blog at WordPress intending to keep people, and especially investors, apprised of its progress. Here it is:

It’s basically a 4x, RTS space game, with game play elements taken from other similar games that I like with other features that I’ve always wanted in a space RTS that I’ve never seen. It’s basically the RTS space game I’ve always wanted to play but nobody’s ever made, as far as I know.

Anyway, see you later,




Ok so I just realized I haven’t posted anything in like a month and a half and was planning on coming up with some excuse or apology or something, but the truth is writing stuff is just a chore for me. Other people on their blogs and websites might promise more updates but they inevitably fail to do so and end up looking like jerks.

I know that if I promise to be more on top of posting I’ll probably break that promise too. So, I’m promising nothing. I don’t have any more plans for blog posts, and I don’t have any desire to keep posting. I may do so in the future, but there will be no regular updates or news.

Basically, I learned from designing and making my financial game that if I truly love doing something, I’ll do it without having to consider it a chore. I’ll do it for hours on end without looking up, just like I did while making my game. But maintaining this blog, and writing my stories, just seem like too much work.

So, this isn’t good-bye, just a ‘see you later’. And this blog will remain up for as long as WordPress exists.

I’m Back For Some Reason

Wow, I just realized I haven’t updated my blog in over two weeks! It’s not that I’ve been busy (I haven’t really…) it’s just that I can’t really think of anything to write. Which is weird because I do have posts in mind. For example, I want to write a second part to my general overview on virtual space detailing how the world as a whole would benefit, but whenever I go to write it I just think “eh, I don’t feel like it”. I think the problem is that I need to be more disciplined in writing. I remember reading on Bad Astronomy that Phil Plait, after he quit his job to write his spectacularly awesome book Death from the Skies!, that it suddenly seemed to him now that he had to write. It was his “new job”. It didn’t matter if he didn’t want to, it was required. Presumably if I were to quit my job and just focus on writing I would find it much more important but I’m not insane enough (yet) to do that.

Oh well. I have been tinkering with Cretaceia, my novel about a group a people marooned back in the late Cretaceous period. I still think it’s  going to be a great book, full of conflict and intrigue, almost none of which is caused by cliched dinosaurs trying to eat people.

Oh yeah, saw Star Trek last night. Quick review: Wow!

Wow, I Need To Get Out More

It’s been about three weeks since I last updated, so I figured it might be about time to let my adoring public know that I am still alive. Actually, I’ve been sick the past couple weeks. It’s getting pretty annoying. Plus I’ve been busy with school and work.

What I’ve also been doing is working on my game that I invented. I was lucky enough to get a chance to play Robert Kiyosaki’s game Cashflow 101 a while back, without having to shell out an outrageous $200 (I will never pay $200 for a boardgame. Even if it is a “pedagogical tool”. Especially from someone who’s only success at making money is…telling people how to make money. Yeah). Anyway, I thought it would be cool to have my own copy, but I noticed a few flaws and places where it could be improved. It’s been hardwork, but I’m nearly done now, and have retitled it “It’s Just Business!”. I’d sell it, but then I’d probably get, you know, sued. Although at this point it’s different enough I don’t know if they’d actually have a case.

Also, I’ve been working on a new novel, one which I am so excited about it may end up being my first one. It’s about a group of about four hundred fifty people who get stranded back in time in the late Cretaceous period, shortly before the extinction of the dinosaurs. Sounds like a pretext for a Jurassic Park-type story, right? But Jurassic Parkhas been done, and I hate doing cliched, predictable ideas. No, the real story is about their situation and really about what possible temporal paradoxes that might arise because of their presence there. Are they changing the future? If so, are they possibly erasing the future evolution of the human race, and thus their own existence? If not, why is there no evidence of human civilization at the time of the dinosaurs? Are they really in some parallel dimension, a split timeline, or something else entirely? And what about that asteroid due to hit soon?

In any event, I’m going to try to stay on top of this blog as it is the “public face” of my life.

Welcome, Everyone!

Welcome, everyone, to my new blog! Ooh, it’s all shiny and new!

Anyway, this blog will continue the legacy of my old blog from Myspace. My thoughts about the future, technology, society, economics, philosophy, critical thinking, science, religion and more subjects like aliens, politics, stuff about the stories I eventually plan to write, and anything else I feel like posting. I will try to get out one blog a day, sometimes more, so keep those electrons flowing (but no positrons, please)!

I’ll let you go with an excerpt from one of my stories. The funniest planet ever named, colonized sometime before the year 2680. Its when the three friends, Michael Wayson, Sasha Ymenez, and Vincent are meeting each other for the first time, the day after landing on the the second planet in the Midira system: Midira c.

Michael: So, I keep wondering,  where did the name “Midira” come from anyway?

Vincent: I don’t know. Francis Williams probably just made it up.

Sasha: There’s an island in the Atlantic called Madeira. Maybe that’s where he’s from.

Vincent: No, Francis Williams was born in Northern Europe. Germany, if I remember.

Sasha: Oh.

Vincent: I wonder what’s the strangest name that has ever been given to a planet.

Michael: I don’t know, but I’m sure the planet Batman would apply.